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Report Misuse

Please Contact to Admin if you find any misuses...

We are determined and committed to eliminate any abuse or misuse thereby providing you with a clean and professional website. However, if you have concerns with the content of this website or any content within the profile information of any member, please use our contact us form and let us know about it by adding a subject "Misuse". You have the liberty to report misuse to us either anonymously or, preferably, by providing us your name along with your matrimony ID. 

Misuse of our service or any privacy & security related issues are taken very seriously. All such reporting that we receive is carefully assessed and, if your alert or observation is found valid, we will add special benefits in your matrimonial package as a token of appreciation for keeping our site clean. Be rest assured that your details will be kept confidential. 

You may report misuse: 

 If you're worried that your personal information or account details may have been compromised.

 If you have been the recipient of abuse originating from Expert Matrimony domain or any of our member.

 If you are receiving frequent emails, alerts, SMS, calls or anything that looks like a spam or abuse.

 If you feel a member of Expert Matrimony should be banned for a justifiable reason.

 If you come across any explicit profile photos/videos or any explicit language in any profiles.

 For any other reason that you feel is a reason to report misuse.